Breaking Down Plaque for Sexual Wellness

While the symptoms of Peyronie’s Disease In Men may be frightening, a medical professional can diagnose the condition and prescribe treatment. Peyronie’s disease is a relatively common condition, and about one in ten men will have the problem at some point in their lives. While there are currently no proven treatments for Peyronie’s, there are a variety of other ways to treat the condition, including oral medications and surgery. If you’re suffering from Peyronie’s, your doctor may recommend an ED medication or other treatment to help you achieve erections and improve sexual function.

One of the first steps in treating Peyronie’s is a physical exam. Your doctor will feel for the hard tissue that is characteristic of the disease and may prescribe medicine to make the penis erect. The doctor will also perform an ultrasound of the penis to ensure that it is erect. The medication used to treat Peyronie’s disease is usually dexamethasone, which is used to treat symptoms such as erectile dysfunction.

Auxilium Pharmaceuticals, which makes Peyronie’s disease medication, is currently developing a new drug called XIAFLEX. This drug is FDA-approved and works to break down plaque. This treatment may be a promising option for men who suffer from Peyronie’s disease. XIAFLEX, which is currently approved for treating Peyronie’s disease, is a promising option for treating the condition.

In 13 out of 100 cases, PyD will go away without treatment. In the first 12 months, health care experts recommend non-surgical treatment for patients. In the early stages, however, men may not have symptoms and a doctor’s prescription may be necessary. A penile duplex ultrasound can help diagnose PyD. During the acute phase, the penis may become bent or curved, making sex difficult and requiring a doctor for erection problems this can bring.

Symptoms of Peyronie’s Disease In Men can mimic other conditions. A plaque on the top or side of the shaft causes the penis to bend upward. Plaque on the bottom can make the penis shorter. However, men who have both plaques may also develop a deformed penis. Treatment may be necessary if a man has Peyronie’s disease. If you do have any of these symptoms, consult with your physician.

Although surgical treatment is not recommended for all men with Peyronie’s disease, medications have been shown to be helpful. While no FDA-approved pills exist for PyD, many herbal supplements and vitamins are safe and effective. Dr. Engel does not discourage men from trying an oral remedy for Peyronie’s. There are no approved pills for this disease, but Dr. Engel’s recommendations are considered safe and effective.

Pain during an erection is common for men suffering from Peyronie’s Disease. Men with the condition may feel pain while erect, as well as when it’s not. This pain is caused by inflammation of fibrotic plaques. In severe cases, the penis may shrink. If the disease is not treated, it could lead to other complications, such as a tumor. If you notice this, you may need surgery to remove it.

Peyronie’s Disease in men is often associated with sexual dysfunction. The disease is characterized by irregular penile growth and weak erections, and is often triggered by a trauma such as a fracture. In some cases, the disease may revert, but sometimes it can cause more damage. There are some treatments that can help. Men should seek medical advice to determine whether the condition is affecting their ability to perform sexual acts.

The condition can progress over several months. The symptoms of Peyronie’s disease are usually most apparent in the early stages. The penile curvature and pain usually subside over six to eighteen months. Penile length and erection problems are common, and men with this condition may find themselves ineligible for sexual intercourse. Fortunately, treatment for Peyronie’s disease can be successful.

A physical examination can help determine whether the symptoms are due to Peyronie’s disease in men. The physician will feel for scar tissue and may order an ultrasound to determine the exact cause of the condition. The physician will discuss treatment options with you. If treatment is necessary, you may wish to see a urologist. Symptoms of Peyronie’s disease in men can be severe or even debilitating, so a visit to a doctor is essential.

Injections are another treatment option. A drug may be injected directly into the plaque, which can help relieve the pain. Injections of various medications may be effective in the early stages of Peyronie’s disease. In severe cases, surgery may be necessary to correct the plaque. A penile implant may be needed if the condition is severe. Peyronie’s disease affects every man differently, and if untreated, may lead to depression and other issues with self-esteem.

A man with Peyronie’s disease may have painful erections or orgasms. These symptoms will gradually subside over a few months. While the causes of Peyronie’s Disease are not fully understood, they likely result from scar tissue or damage to the small blood vessels in the penis. However, these symptoms are a sign that Peyronie’s disease has already impacted your sexual life.

A mild case of Peyronie’s disease may not require any treatment. The pain may only occur during erections. In most cases, Peyronie’s disease in men goes away on its own. Surgical treatment is only necessary for men who cannot perform sexual activities because of the pain. This treatment may include injections to the penile area and oral medications. XIAFLEX is a late-stage drug in clinical trials that will weaken and break down the plaque. It will be the first medication approved by the FDA specifically for Peyronie’s disease in men.

A doctor can help men determine if Peyronie’s Disease in Men is affecting their sexual life. If your partner notices a curved penis, see a doctor as soon as possible. If the condition continues and your partner becomes irritated, treatment may be necessary. If you want to avoid surgery, consult a doctor. The sooner you start treatment, the better. If it is, you can stop the pain and have a straight penis again.


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