Health Carousel Aims for Industry Innovation: Recertified as an Ethical Recruitment Firm

In an industry as essential and wide-reaching as healthcare, it is integral to our comfort to work with ethical people, focused and professional at their job. Health Carousel is an industry leader in talent acquisition and management for businesses within the healthcare field. Utilizing state-of-the-art ethical hiring techniques, Health Carousel has focused on addressing talent shortfalls within the medical field.

To better address their focus on the future of healthcare, Health Carousel committed itself to ethical recruitment practices by adhering to the Code laid out by the team at the Alliance for Ethical International Recruitment Practices, a division of CGFNS International Inc.

Let’s dive into the world of ethical hiring practices to see better how Health Carousel is accommodating its clients.

Ethical Hiring Practices

For the second time in four years, the team at Health Carousel will work closely with the Alliance For Ethical International Recruitment Practices to acquire their certification. Certification is valid for up to two years, and adherence to the Alliances’ Health Care Code for Ethical International Recruitment Practices is necessary.

The Code is developed and upheld by a Board of Governors with a multi-stakeholder approach. The Board of Governors features members of leading nursing, human resource, and other representative organizations. The Code ultimately admits that Health Carousel is fully committed to continuing education and fostering growth for professionals within its workspace.

Mukul Bakhshi is the Director of the Alliance for Ethical International Recruitment practices, and they were effusive with praise over Health Carousel’s decision. Bakhshi stated, “Their organization is an important stakeholder, and I commend them for their many programs that address essential industry issues.”

Bakhshi would go on to highlight Health Carousel’s focus on the international nursing shortage as well as the sustainability and development of its program.

John Sebastian, CEO of Health Carousel, stated, “We are proud of Health Carousel’s business practices, policies, and procedures that have earned us recertification as a Certified Ethical Firm by the Alliance.”

Importance of the Alliance

While ethics should be at the forefront of every major industry, it is imperative in healthcare. Since the Alliance first began operating in 2009, it has helped foster compliance standards that advocate for transparent, responsible, and ethical recruitment practices throughout the healthcare sector. Members of The Alliance and The Alliance monitor to ensure that these values are upheld throughout the recruitment process.

By working with a Certified Ethical Recruitment Firm such as Health Carousel, hiring parties signal to their employers and other potential professionals that their system is fair and balanced and upholds rigorous ethical standards.

The Alliance was founded by a division of CGFNS, a non-profit organization based in Philadelphia that seeks to connect nursing and allied health professionals.


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